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My family and I are farmers near the south central Manitoba community of Clearwater.  We raise various crops and  have a herd of beef cattle.  I am a school trustee with the Prairie Spirit School Division, am a member of the Pembina Hills Anglican ministry team, and volunteer with the Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services.  I enjoy water sports in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.

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  1. Hello, Jan! You are in my prayers as you embark on this journey. Thank you for your courage and your witness. Wishing you God’s blessings…

  2. My dear fellow water baby…….I note you did not specify your love for sailing???? I’ve been staying with people in Scotland who have just returned from a pilgrimage with their church to Jerusalem and area. I was thinking of you as I saw the amazing beauty and sadness of the area. Allow yourself to relax as much as you are able….. and BE the beautiful person that God created you to BE. Lots of love, diane

  3. Hi Jan: I think about you every day and pray you will remain safe. It is so great to have this wonderful contact with you. Duncan arrives tonight so will send an email about that next week. Love you lot Carol

  4. Jan,er

    I have just spent time reading your blog so far and am in awe and wonder
    of all you have witnessed to date – how will you deal with all that you will
    see, hear and smell until you leave in December?

    The Lord is certainly with you and those you are working with,

    I am,

    Joy Ooto

  5. Jan

    I’ve just read through your blogs this afternoon. It was very moving. Many thanks for your witness, your generosity of spirit, and your courage.

    May God grant you hope and a deep longing for peace.

    Many blessings


  6. Hello Jan,
    Greetings from Scotland. My boss, Kathy Galloway, passed on your blog to me as I am heading out to become an EA in Sept of 2012. I am really enjoying hearing all about your journey and first hand experiences. Kathy sends her greetings and wishes you well.
    Peace be with you as you witness, you are doing a great thing.
    Kind regards

  7. Jan, have you encountered any Christian Peacemaker Teams? Last night’s (April 13, 2013) Mather coffeehouse benefited them, and some of their work sounds like it is very similar, and in fact in the same locations, as yours and EAPPI.

    • Yes, CPT is a great organization that is well respected. Their work is similar to that of EAPPI. They have locations elsewhere in the world, but in Palestine CPT is based in Hebron and they work out in the South Hebron Hills (where I was in 2011) as their human resources allow. EAPPI only works in the occupied Palestinian territory and has placements in Jerusalem and 6 West Bank locations. CPT is an extremely worthwhile organization for Mather coffeehouse to support. To learn more about their work in Palestine, go to their website at http://www.cpt.org/work/palestine. Peace and blessings, Jan.

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