In our brokenness

In the brokenness of this world,

we come to God.

In this place some call the Holy Land

…… we find hatred and despair

…….we find the pain of the oppressed and the pain of the oppressor

…….we find institutional and structural cruelty

…….we find hurting people.

For all people, everywhere and anywhere, who suffer from the pain of our collective and personal brokenness, this prayer is offered.

It was sung today as a hymn at St Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church, Jerusalem.

“We lay our broken world

in sorrow at your feet,

haunted by hunger, war and fear,

oppressed by power and hate.

Here human life seems less

than profit, might and pride,

though to unite us all in you,

you lived and loved and died.

We bring our broken towns,

our neighbours hurt and bruised;

you show us how old pain and wounds

for new life can be used.

We bring our broken loves,

friends parted, families torn;

then in your life and death we see

that love must be reborn.

We bring our broken selves,

confused and closed and tired;

then through your gift of healing grace

new purpose is inspired.

Come Spirit, on us breathe,

with life and strength anew;

find in us love, and hope, and trust,

and lift us up to You.”

Anna Briggs, from “This is the day”

Wild Goose Publications.

Church Hymnary, 4th Ed.

Canterbury Press, 2005.  Hymn 721

Peace, Salaam, Shalom,


3 responses

  1. For anyone wanting to sing this hymn but without access to the hymnal cited, it is written in Short Meter (6,6,8,6), usually abbreviated in hymnals as S.M. It will fit a number of tunes, including Aylesbury, Badea, Dennis, Potsdam, State Street, Swabia, West, and, perhaps most appropriate for this post, St. Andrew.

    Thank you, Jan, for sharing this beautiful text.

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