Dkaika TV news report

You may remember that one of my previous posts talked about the village of Dkaika. It is a community in the extreme southern portion of the West Bank that has demolition orders on virtually the entire village.  Totally appalled by the potential for such intentional and devastating harm to innocent people, we promised to advocate on behalf of the village.  This past Monday, EAPPI organized a press tour to Dkaika.  One of the press reports from this tour can be found  at   Included in the report is a television news report. It is well worth the time to download the video and see the village and the people of Dkaika.

Many thanks to all who contributed towards organizing this press tour.  Advocacy on behalf of the people of Dkaika WILL continue!

Peace, Salaam, Shalom,


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  2. Hallo Jan,
    just a greetings from the kitchentable! This week we walked from Tuwani to Tuba.
    A wonderful walk, just bevor the leaving of Stefano, operation dove, He went to Egypt.
    For the moment no special problems, they, we, are waiting for rain and we will look for protecting presence End of the month.
    I saw for the first time a wolf in the wilderness…
    With best wishes from SHH Eva

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