2nd Update on Terrorism: Israel in Action

Our team visited the village of Um Fagarah 2 weeks ago. We met with the families who had suffered the demolition of their homes, with the mother who is recovering from a broken leg sustained during the demolitions, and with both girls who had been arrested.   Both girls had recently been released from prison and are awaiting court appearances.  Both are charged with “attacking a soldier.” Amel, the 17 year old, will appear in court Dec 21 to face charges related to throwing water on a soldier, and Sausan will appear in court Dec 19  to face charges of holding a stone with the intent of throwing it at a soldier. Representatives from Machsom Watch were present in the court room for the bail hearings for these girls.

Following the girls’ court appearances I will post further  information.

In the meantime, please hold these girls and their families in your prayers.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom,


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